Completion of the Sterile Unit project at Ali ibn Abi Talib Hospital in Rafsanjan by Fakhar.

With the efforts of the Hosseini Fakhar family, the Sterile Unit (CSSD) project of Ali ibn Abi Talib Hospital in Rafsanjan has been successfully completed.

The Sterile Unit is a vital component of every hospital, playing a crucial role in preventing infections and maintaining the health of patients and the medical staff. With the completion of this project, advanced and essential facilities have been made available to Ali ibn Abi Taleb Hospital in Rafsanjan . This project, which was initiated with the aim of improving healthcare services and enhancing public health standards in the hospital, has been accomplished as a philanthropic activity by the Hosseini Fakhar family. Furthermore, they have announced their continued support for improving healthcare and medical services in this city. Their motivation and dedication will not only benefit Ali ibn Abi Taleb Hospital in Rafsanjan but also contribute significantly to improving the healthcare and medical situation of the community at large.


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