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Fakhar tile production group

The consequent of hard working and worthful experience in tile and ceramic industry. This group has four production sites that three of them produce wall tile and ceramic and the fourth site is allocated for mucilage materials of ceramic tile. Fakhar factory since 1990,Berelian factory since 2002, Loutos factory since 2007 and Dorrinceram since 2013 are working for providing qualified materials according to the need and tact of people in Iran and abroad .desired quality ,embracing management knowledge , variety in products in accordance to competitive price and after-sales services , have settled Fakhar group products place in superior state of market  that leads to consumer’s satisfaction .

Innovation in technology and designing is one of the main goals in this company that 30-year experience of fakhar group is accelerating approach to this aim. We believe in designing innovation, increase in quality of products and after-sales services.


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